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What is a Snagging List Survey?

A Snagging List Survey is a detailed and careful check of a newly built house or flat to identify any defects in the build. The snags found within the survey are relatively minor defects but high in quantity and if left unresolved, can lead to high remedial costs in the future. Once the snags have been identified and documented within a 'Snagging List Report', the purchaser of the property is then in a position to provide this information to the contractor to make good any defects defects in order to move in to the property. 

Why do I need a Snagging List Survey?

As a purchaser, it is your responsibility to ensure that any defects in the property are pointed out prior to completion, which will enable a contractor to then carry out remedial works. Having a qualified and experienced Building Surveyor produce the snagging list also helps you avoid having difficult conversations with the contractor.

Over the years, we have found that contractors may dispute some snags identified within the report and we are happy to discuss any issues with the contractor at no extra cost to allow matters to be resolved in a timely manner. 

Typical snags identified within a Snagging List Survey

  • Decorative Snags (paintwork, wallpaper light fittings, switches)

  • Floor Covering Snags (misaligned floors, cracked tiles, staining, scratches)

  • Bathroom Snags (evident leaks, cracked units, blockages, poor fittings)

  • Kitchen Snags (misaligned units, poor fittings, scratched or damaged units, leaks)

  • Window Snags (misaligned units, cracked panes, defective ironmongery or seals)

  • Door Snags (jammed doors, scratches or scuffs, defective ironmongery or seals)

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