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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out the answers to the most commonly asked questions below in relation to our services and particular reports. If you are unable to find the answer to your query below, please feel free to contact us by completing a general enquiry form or by calling us for more information on your particular query.

Access Consultancy

What is an access audit?

An access audit is an assessment of a building or service and its accessibility to disabled people, as well as considering other characteristics protected by The Equality Act 2010. Learn more

How long does an access audit inspection take?

An access audit inspection generally takes a whole day on site, although it can take anywhere between 1-3 days on larger sites. Learn more

What will the access auditor need to see?

The access auditor will need to inspect the approaches leading up to the site as well as all the internal areas of the building.

Will the access auditor take photographs?

Yes, as our reports are comprehensive and require corresponding images for the recommendations made. Any representation to personal information will be dealt with in line with data protection law.

When can i expect to receive my access audit report?

Generally, we issue the report electronically within 3-7 working days, however due to the comprehensive nature of the assessment, it can take longer on larger sites.

What is an access statement?

An access statement related to a new development which details the main design and any potential access issues posed. The statement can then justify why alternative designs will be adopted where best practice can not be acheived.

What is a design and access statement?

A design and access statement is required by the planning department of local authorities and details the complete design approach, including disabled access considerations relating the development.

How long is the access and inclusive design training course?

Generally, the course is delivered within a day and includes two 15 minute tea breaks and a 30 minute lunch break, although the course can be tailored to meet the needs of the client.


Building Surveying

What is a schedule of condition?

A schedule of condition inspection is a detailed record of defects and/or imperfections within areas of a property taken on a specific date. The report is generally produced prior to building works, entering a lease or in connection with a party wall agreement. Learn more

How long does a schedule of condition inspection take?

Generally a schedule of condition takes between 1-3 hours dependant on the purpose of the report and the size of the property. Learn more

What is a snagging list survey?

A snagging list survey is a detailed and careful check of a newly built house or flat for defects in the build.

Does the schedule of condition include photographs?

Yes, as our schedule of condition reports are highly detailed and include between 100-300 photographs. Any representation to personal information will be dealt with in line with data protection law.

When can i expect to receive my schedule of condition report?

Generally, we issue the report electronically within 3 working days, however it can take longer on larger sites and if this is the case, we will report any changes promptly.

What is a party wall notice?

A party wall notice is served by the building owner to the adjoining owner prior to the commencement of construction works, informing them of the proposed works and giving them the option to either consent to the works, dissent and appoint their own surveyor or to dissent and use an agreed surveyor. Learn more

What is a party wall agreement?

A party wall agreement or award is a legally binding document produced by one or more surveyors and governs the notifable works that are proposed where an adjoining owner (neighbour) has dissented to the party wall notice. Learn more

What is a party wall injunction?

A party wall injunction is obtained from the court by an adjoining owner (neighbour) to stop any works from continuing where the building owner has commenced notifiable works without serving any party wall notices. Learn more

What is a party wall?

A party wall is a wall which seperates building owned by two (or more) different owners. The party wall may stand astride the boundary line or be situated entirely on one owners land. There are two types of party walls, type 'A' and type 'B', as well as party structures and party fence walls. Learn more

What is a planned preventative maintenance survey?

Planned prevenatative maintenance surveys (also known as stock condition surveys) are a record of an asset or portfolio of assets which enables a client to understand the remedial works that are required over a given time period.