What is a Schedule of Condition Report and what is it used for?

A schedule of condition is a detailed record of defects and/or imperfections within areas of a property, taken on a specific date. This may be used to assist in determining whether any damage reported after completing building works were present prior to works commencing, or be taken prior to entering a commercial lease to limit repair liability.

Such documents covering adjoining properties prior to the commencement of construction works are generally prepared in connection with party wall awards, however they may also be used for other neighbourly matters.

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What is a Commercial Schedule of Condition?

A commercial schedule of condition is not a diagnostic report intending to evaluate defects, remedial works and future maintenance issues. It is a written tabulated schedule that details the condition of the building element by element, area by area and is accompanied by comprehensive photographs, taken on a specific date.

When considering a lease of a commercial property, a tenant must understand that a landlord may seek to make a claim at the end of the lease for items of disrepair or unauthorised alteration/s (subject to the terms of the lease). This is known as a 'dilapidations claim' and can exceed thousands of pounds. The value of commissioning a schedule of condition prior to entering the lease is that it provides documentary evidence of the condition at the start of the lease, helping to resolve a claim of dilapidations which may arise at the end of the lease which can save time and money from alleged disrepair and any associated legal fees.

We advise that your solicitor negotiates to append this document to the lease with a clause that requires the building to be handed back in no better condition than as set out in the schedule.


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