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What are the features of an Accessible Toilet?

In this blog we will be taking a closer look at the features of an 'Unisex Accessible Toilet' and the various other considerations of best practice which are more often overlooked or missed completely at design stage.


Unisex Accessible Toilets

Firstly, where only one toilet can be provided, it should be a unisex type, preferably designed for right-hand transfer and where more then one can be provided it should be of right-hand and left-hand transfer options.


The main features of an accessible toilet include:

  • Sufficient transfer (lateral, oblique or frontal) space to allow independent or assisted use of sanitary facilities.

  • Appropriately fixed (to recommended specifications) shelf, disposal bin, alarm pull cord with two red bangles, toilet paper dispenser, paper towel dispenser, colour contrasting grab rails, drop-down support rail, mirror over basin, two clothes hooks, visual alarm sounders, manually operated spatula type WC lever and heavy duty seat set at a maximum height of 480mm above finished floor level, securely fixed with metal (preferably stainless steel) fixings into the rim.

  • The accessible toilet should be located as close as possible to the entrance or waiting area of the building (i.e. reception area).

  • In a multi-storey building the location of the toilets should (wherever practicable), be in a similar place on each floor.

  • A disabled employee should not have to travel more then 40 metres from their workstation to an accessible toilet on the same floor.

  • Toilet accessories such as dispensers for soap, toilet paper and towels should be suitable for single-handed use and for use by people with weak arm movements.


If you are a service provider under The Equality Act 2010 and would like to improve the accessibility of your premises to reduce the risk of discrimination, get in touch with our Access Consultancy team for initial advice or a fixed service quotation.

At UNEK Building Consultants, we are able to carry out an Access Audit of your premises, provide Inclusive Design Guidance for new builds or other bespoke accessibility services to meet your needs.


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