What is an Access Audit?

An access audit (formerly referred to as a DDA audit or Disability Access Audit) is the assessment of a building or service and its accessibility to disabled people. The Equality Act 2010 is split into several sections, the section relevant to Access Audits is contained in generally in section 3 which covers the provision of services to members of the public. Our auditing services comprise of a visit to your premises to initiate a detailed inspection of the site and building/s with regard to the needs of members of the public. You can learn more about the Access Audit Inspection as well as our other accessibility services by heading over to our informative Building Consultancy Blog.

What is included within an Access Audit Report?

  • An explanation of relevant legislation, as well as detailing your obligations

  • A test of reasonableness as is required for reasonable adjustments

  • A thorough description of the services and facilities present at your premises

  • Descriptions of the barriers to people with a disability that are identified

  • Recommendations made for reasonable adjustments which we consider necessary

  • A summary of works that we suggest, prioritised using our priority keys

What barriers are identified within an Access Audit Report?

  • Physical Barriers

  • Sensory Barriers

  • Intellectual Barriers

What areas are inspected during an Access Audit?

  • Approaches and Car Parks

  • Routes and Entrances

  • Receptions, Counters and Desks

  • Corridors (Horizontal Circulation)

  • Stairs, Ramps & Lifts (Vertical Circulation)

  • Toilet Provision

  • Seating and Waiting Areas

  • Wayfinding, Information and Signage

  • Alarms and Lighting

  • Switches and Controls

Our Access Auditors are always happy for a follow up discussion after issuing your Access Audit Report, should you have any questions or queries in regards to the findings on your report. If you would like to have an access audit carried out or would like to improve the accessibility of your premises, get in touch with our friendly accessibility team today for initial advice or fill in the form below for a FREE, non-obligation service quotation.


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