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Party Wall Matters

Typical notifiable works covered under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996

The Act is effective during three types of construction work, the first being work carried out to an existing shared (party) wall, when building new structures across the boundary of two or more properties and when excavating within close proximity of a neighbours building or structure. If you intend to carry out such work, you'll need to serve the neighbouring property with a Party Wall Notice. 


Works directly to a Party Wall, Party Structure (shared ceiling or floor) or Party Fence Wall (garden wall) 


Excavations carried out within a distance of 3 or 6 metres of a neighbouring Building or Structure


Construction of new walls up to, or astride the Line of Junction (Boundary)

What are the Party Wall Surveying Procedures? 

Following the notice and its response, surveyors or an agreed surveyor is appointed who will then record the condition of the Adjoining Owners property in a detailed report known as a Schedule of Condition report which will act as proof of the existing condition to determine whether any damage has been caused when works are complete.  

The surveyor/s will then collate all the information provided by the design team as well as any method statements or risk assessments from the contractor to produce a Party Wall Award which sets out all parties' rights and obligations including any restrictions, risk mitigation measures, the specific details of the notifiable works that are to be carried out, noisy work hours that are permitted and the surveyors fees payable by the party undertaking the works. The notifiable works can commence once the Award has been served upon all parties.

Surveyor Review

review of the proposed building works including the existing and proposed architectural drawings, structural details, construction method statements, land registry title deeds and plans.

Party Wall Award

The preparation of a party wall award (agreement) which includes, but is not limited to, the scope of the works, procedures implemented in the event of damage being caused or for compensation, working hours, protective measures, access arrangements.

Schedule of Condition

An inspection carried out of the relevant areas within the adjoining owners property prior to the works which generally forms part of the party wall award as proof of the current condition of building elements. 

Check off Inspection

A further visit to the neighbours property to check off against the original record and report any changes in the condition and take appropriate action where necessary for repairs or compensation. 

Why Choose Us?

Our party wall surveying team consists of experienced and highly qualified surveyors with accreditations from the worlds governing bodies in the construction and real estate industry. We listen to our clients requirements to ensure that the best possible service is provided whilst upholding our professional standards, maintaining trust and integrity in our business dealings and ultimately playing our part in the success of their projects. 


If you are interested in our surveying party wall surveying services, would like to request a fixed fee quote or if you are unsure about any matters relating to the Act, please enter the details into the form below and one of our dedicated experts will be in touch. 

Memberships & Qualifications

Our Building Consultants and Chartered Construction Managers are degree qualified, highly experienced and include members of industry-leading professional organisations such as The Chartered Institute of Building, The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, The Pyramus & Thisbe Society and The Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors, demonstrating our level of competence and professionalism within the firm. 

Our Party Wall Surveyors include members of 


The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors 


The Pyramus & Thisbe Society


The Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors


The Chartered Institute of Building

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