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What is a Defect Analysis Survey?

The defect analysis survey consists of visiting the property to analyse a single or associated series of defects to a property which is causing concern for the owners. The report will record the condition of the targeted defects at the time of the inspection and provide the owners with remedial measures and approximate costs for the recommendations. 

Typical issues addressed by a Defect Analysis Survey:

  • Roofing Defects 

  • Non-standard Construction

  • Damp Penetration

  • Condensation

  • Timber rot or infestation

What is included within a Defect Analysis Report?

  • Detailed description of the findings

  • Recommendations for remedial works and repairs

  • Approximate costs for the recommended repairs

  • Recommendations for any further investigations

  • Approximate costs for recommended investigations

If you would like to instruct one of our building surveyors for a defect analysis survey, or would like some more information about this service, contact our Building Surveying department who will be more then happy to help.

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