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What is included within a Party Wall Agreement?

A Party Wall Agreement (commonly referred to as a "Party Wall Award") is legally binding document produced by one or more surveyors and governs the notifiable works that are to take place where an adjoining owner (neighbour) has dissented to the Party Wall Notice.



The "Party Wall Award" will usually include the following:

  • Description of the works and related sections of the Act

  • Clauses relating to access onto the adjoining owner/s land or property

  • Clauses relating to the way in which the works are to be carried out

  • Protection statements for the benefit of both owners

  • Working hours for the proposed notifiable works

  • A Schedule of Condition Report (detailed record of condition and photographs)

  • The Project Drawings (illustrating proposed works)

Although, the above is a general guide for the contents of a Party Wall Agreement, no two awards are the same and the appointed surveyor/s will make various changes depending on the nature and complexity of the works, risks etc.

If you would like to find out more about Party Wall Agreements or the Party Wall Procedure, you can contact us for initial advice or a FREE, no-obligation quote.


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