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Our Covid-19 Response (Update)

We have taken serious measures to counter the risks of Covid-19 to our staff and clients in line with government advice and we keep our response under review to reflect the current threat level, government advice and our work activities.

Our response to Covid-19 includes (but is not limited to):

  • Advising occupants of buildings to stay 2 metres away during the course of any inspection and to ensure that all doors and access panels are open and surfaces that are to be surveyed are cleaned with household cleaning products.

  • Our consultants are advised to wash their hands or use antibacterial hand gel upon entry to the site or property.

  • Our Consultants use disposable gloves, masks and shoe protectors before entering the property or site and will avoid any contact with occupants.

  • Avoiding site meetings where they are not necessary to progress the Job and where the inspection is necessary, to limit his/her time at the property.

NOTE: We have not furloughed any staff as a result of Covid-19 and do not plan to.

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Matt Negus, CFO - Vanilla Electronics Ltd

"Thank you very much for your professionalism and flexibility in helping get this done. I would recommend you very highly."

 Ilhan Doldur, Director - D&D Property Investment Ltd

"Excellent Job, reaching a party wall agreement with the neighbours for a loft conversion and side extension project."

Vikram Patel, Director - Vaibhavi Enterprise Ltd

"Excellent service, reasonable fees and very well knowledgeable, detailed reports. Thank you."


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