What is an Access Appraisal?

An Access Appraisal generally comprises of a desktop study of the proposed drawings for a new project, identifying any potential access barriers for disabled building users, any components which are not complaint with current legislation, inclusive design guidance and any opportunities to implement best practice guidance in accessibility.

Why an Access Appraisal is needed?

Having an Access Appraisal carried out by a qualified Access Consultant ensures that any potential errors made in the design process are rectified and designs are improved prior to the construction phase, reducing the potential risk of a claim or complaint under The Equality Act 2010.

Another key benefit of having an an appraisal carried out on the design details is to give our expert Access Consultants' a chance to implement best practice guidance whilst still at design stage, helping you create truly inclusive environments and workplaces by going above and beyond simple compliance measures.

Our Access Consultants are always happy for a follow up discussion after providing our services, should you have any questions or queries in regards to the findings on your report. If you would like to have an access appraisal carried out or would like to improve the accessibility of your premises, get in touch with our friendly accessibility team today for initial advice or fill in the form below for a FREE, non-obligation, service quotation.